about me

I am from Dipolog City, Philippines, I've spent the past decade cultivating a diverse skillset within the IT industry in Cebu City. My journey began in graphic design and animation then exploring to technical support space. Due to high demand in web development, my pursuit of technical landed me in the world of web development, where I reveled in the challenge of building different types of websites from marketing agencies and corporate.

But my interests extend far beyond web development. When I'm not at work, I train myself from outdoor and indoor adventures. I am an active athlete and competing different from local and international sports like Ultra trail running, Hyrox, Spartan, Dragon boat and Ninja warrior. Sometimes I wonder I can call myself a Hybrid Athlete.

This blend of technical expertise and adventurous spirit shapes who I am. It allows me to approach problems with both analytical thinking and a creative work, while my athletic background fosters perseverance and a drive to constantly improve and beat my limits.


Cybersecurity Certified